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Adolescent Psychology Essay

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  • on April 29, 2012
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Adolescent Psychology addresses the dynamic period from the ages of twelve to eighteen, the therapeutic process originally based around the three main stages of adolescence and the challenges they bring. The definition of adolescence is the transitional period between puberty and adulthood inhuman development, extending mainly over the teen years and terminating legally when the age of majority is reached(dictionaryreference). A child’s adolescence needs more focusing on their emotions because without focus, their future could get jeopardized or taken away. More and more teens every year face problems such as stress, depression, bullying, self-harm, pornography, and eating disorders. A child’s mind is fragile and the period of adolescence comes as a very dynamic part of a child’s life. If a child’s life gets taken because these problems do not get solved, then everyone will still have a world wide predicament of adolescent struggles. With the   field’s origins in clinical psychology, adolescent psychologists help children cope with common adolescent issues like depression, eating disorders, stress, bullying, and suicide.
Lightner Wilmer has the credit with the finding of clinical psychology, which focuses on children and adolescence in particular. Clinical psychology started early, following World War II. Within the field of clinical psychology altered toward understanding and treating psychopathology in adulthood, more specifically with war veterans. Adulthood psychiatric symptoms became announced, and practice opportunities in adult psychopathology within a decade postwar. Published research during this time offered an impulse for the development of better treatment to adult psychopathology started to receive attention as possible alternatives for psychotherapy in adulthood (Professional Adolescence, 263). The study and treatment of psychopathology with the ages between eighteen and sixty-five years old remained the largest focus. Child and adolescent psychology...

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