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Name: Padma Ethnic Origin: Indian [Female] Age: 17 Siblings [sex and age]: 1 elder brother aged 20 School and Grade: SMP Jalan Ipoh, Form 5 How do you know this child? A family friend’s daughter Home environment and family lifestyle [Discuss]? The girl lives in a conducive double storey home. She has friendly neighbors’ and most of her schoolmates live in the same housing area. She has her own room and her own desktop computer. She has a very protective father and a caring mother. Her father works in a bank and her mother is a housewife. Her brother does not stay with them, he is furthering his studies in a local university in Penang, and only comes back during semester break. She spends most of her time playing with her little puppy whom she names as Rocky and with her friends. At night she likes to surf the Internet. During weekends she follows her parents to visit their relatives. Where did you interview this teenager and under what circumstances? I interviewed her at her home in Taman Mastiara which is at the same row as my uncle’s house. I did the interview with no disturbance or distraction at their study room. Her father was not at home whereas her mom was in the kitchen, cooking. DEVELOPMENTAL INFORMATION PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Padma goes for karate classes twice a week. She is now a black belt, Karate Hayashi Ha. She has won several medals from inter school tournaments. She enjoys surfing the net and writing on her own blog. She has an interest for writing. And every evening she cycles with her friends to the park. There’s a big park named Mastiara Metropolitan Park which is about 200metres away from her house. She usually hangs out there with her friends. She enjoys her evening though. She is also quite active in her school sports. And she also a team member of the school choral speaking team. While talking to her, she has a good

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