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Adolescent Learning and Development Essay

  • Submitted by: bangoc08
  • on November 18, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Topic Paper: Adolescent Learning and Development

      Developing metacognitive skills (planning, monitoring, and evaluating ones learning) can be attained by the employment of the teaching strategy, Inquiry Learning. This teaching strategy is a paradigm of constructivism and supports the constructivist theory of learning. The inquiry process can be defined as one in which the student, through active and self-directed learning, delves into an area of individual and personal or group cooperative learning topics of his interest. The inquiry approach will develop questioning skills, critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. It allows students to create, organize and build new information from preexisting knowledge for better understanding. This concept, a developmental hierarchy of skilled and understanding underlies, and should be identified as an objective of, inquiry learning (Kuhn, 2000). This approach also allows the student to ask formidable questions about personal interest and to investigate those questions by the accumulation of knowledge and data. The teacher can build metacognitive processes into assignments and activities.   It   is also a process where students design, study, collect information, analyze data and construct evidence... they then debate the conclusion that they derive from their evidence... in effect the students build and argue about theories... question posing, theorizing, and argumentation form the structure of the students activity (Bransford, 1999). The process works best when it is student-centered and the students choose the area of interest and the questions themselves. The teacher acts as a facilitator, providing guidance. There are instances, depending on the cognitive skills and ability levels of the students, when the teacher may have to play more of a role in selecting the topic, providing the materials and the procedures to follow. The student may elect to work individually or in groups where the process is more...

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