Adolescent Development Essay

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Psych. 101 Influences on Adolescence Adolescence is the transitional period from childhood to adulthood, in which many changes occur. During this time, adolescents experience puberty and the desire for more independence. Children begin to discover their own identity and develop socially. This is typically a difficult and confusing period of time in one’s life. During this phase, adolescents often begin to strive for more independence but in reality they still depend on other people to meet their basic needs. In this phase of development, there are lots of changes occurring physically, mentally, and emotionally; therefore adolescents are at risk to be influenced by whatever is around them, good and bad. Many physical changes take place during the adolescent period as children are transitioning into adulthood. Puberty is a process that occurs both in females and males in which hormones promote changes in their bodies. Once these hormones are released, there is a two-year period in which the puberty process takes place. For girls puberty often occurs around age 11. Reproductive organs begin to develop, such as the ovaries. Soon after they start to develop breasts, hips, pubic hair, and underarm hair. Girls usually experience their first menstrual period a year within age 12 ½ (Anderson et al., 2003; Myers, 2014). Once a girl has experienced her first menstrual period, she is now able to conceive a child, therefore she has entered the beginnings of womanhood. Boys experience puberty roughly around age 13. They usually go through a growths spurt and during this period the male reproductive organs and their external genitalia rapidly start to develop. Then comes the secondary sex characteristics such as a deepened voice, facial hair, pubic hair, and underarm hair. One of the many occurrences during male puberty is their first
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