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Adolescent Development Essay

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  • on July 31, 2014
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Adolescent Psychology and Development
PSYC 285N: Developmental Psychology

Adolescent Psychology and Development
Children today must pass through several stages, and hit certain steps along the journey to becoming an adult. This journey includes life stages beginning from infancy, early childhood, later childhood, adolescence and adulthood. (Boyd & Helen, 2011, p. 87). Parents learn more than they can even fathom raising their children and watching them grown and mature over the years. Once the child hits the adolescent stage, is when parents and caregivers begin to hit a ‘roadblock.’ This is the time when caregivers, teachers, family members and so on cannot understand adolescents. Simply put, they are now teenagers.
What Are Developmental Stages?
As we begin to delve into the developmental stages of adolescents we realize children in this age group of 13 to 18 are just one developmental stage away form being an adult in today’s society. These ‘tweens’ are turning into teens and are beginning to develop into young adults. Adolescents go through many different stages and journeys on their voyage to becoming an adult. One of the most common stages is developing an identity as well as gaining self-esteem with social development. A very common belief is that adolescents at this time want to form personal identities, but Erikson argued, “Adolescents face a crisis between identity and role confusion. This crisis involves balancing the desire to try out as many possible selves as well as the need to be a single self” (Boyd et al., 2011, p. 326). The teens who achieve a sense of identity are well prepared to face the next developmental challenge; establishing and sharing intimate relationships with others as well as having romantic relationships (Boyd et al., 2011, p. 327).
By around the age of 15, 53% of adolescents have had a romantic relationship that lasted at least one month over the course of the previous 18 months” (Tate, 2008). As Boyd and Bee...

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