Adolescent Autobiography Essay

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Adolescent Autobiography During adolescence children experience a plethora of events. Whether these events are negative or positive, they play a significant role in shaping the individual into who they are today. This paper will discuss how my experiences with moving and my weight have impacted who I am today we will see this through the different domains of my development. Moving As a child I have always been on the move, every three or four years, one could expect my family to be either moving to a different country, county, or state. Moving never fazed me, as over time I had been accustomed to moving but the move that helped shape me into who I am today was the day I moved to Hong Kong. Language The first outcome is the discovery of the significance of languages. After moving into a country that spoke a foreign language I would often find feel inadequate, as I could not properly express myself. I remember one time I spent an hour looking for the right train to get on in order to get home. That day I was so lost and no one could help me because there was a language barrier. This was when I realized just how important languages are. It was because of this experience that I jump at every chance I get to learn a new language. Additionally, I have chosen to minor in Chinese, as I know that one day it will be of use. The second outcome of moving was having a closer relationship with my extended family. Having lived my whole life in the states I never had the chance to develop a close relationship with my family that lived in Hong Kong. Due to the language barrier I remember feeling distant from my extended family when they came over to visit. Neither side knew how to interact with the other. This dilemma did not stop till I realized the importance of language and took the effort to learn Cantonese in hopes of being able to hold a conversion longer than a minute

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