adolescence and rites of passage

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What is “adolescence”? How is the concept of adolescence similar and/or different across cultures? Adolescence is commonly seen as a transitional stage of mental as well as physical development that occurs between childhood and adulthood .It is usually symbolized through certain rites of passage or the general acceptance of a young person going through puberty .Other usual occurrences are some form of ritual involving separation ,transition and reincorporation .Though all cultures are unique there are still key parts of adolescence that occur regardless of culture .Adolescence is generally accepted as a necessary stage in any humans upbringing ,but when adolescence ends and adulthood begins is dependant on the given cultures beliefs and laws .A period where children can test their boundaries ,develop their own individuality ,rebel against what they see as oppression and become a more mature ,acceptable part of society .This maturity and transition is usually rewarded with some form of reward and entrustment of certain tasks such as driving a car, having sexual relations or voting. One of the most important parts of adolescence no matter what culture is being studied is the taking on and acceptance of responsibility .In modern day Australian culture as we reach our 18th birthday we are expected to become more mature and responsible ,after finishing school or TAFE either attend university or get a job and become a functional member of society .We are allowed to drink Alchohol and attend certain functions such as over 18 concerts and bars .This responsibility is usually preceded by the break after the end of the HSC and beginning of Adult life known as “Schoolies” .Schoolies is usually a week long affair where HSC graduate’s leave their home and immediate family to a distant destination to get extremely drunk and party all week long ,they usually bond with a
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