Adolescence And Substance Abuse.

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Written by Vasiliki Emma Tatoy. ABSTRACT Recreational use, abuse and dependence affect adults as teenagers or younger. But most of these problems begin in adolescence and family has a main role in order to avoid consumption and to intervene when a problem arises. The objective of this essay is to present some of the main factors related to substance abuse on adolescence. In addition, this essay provides us with some of the effects of substance abuse during adolescence. Solutions of how to avoid and deal with the problem are also discussed. Substance abuse is highly associated with peer pressure, family that does not support their children, low self-esteem, curiosity and psychological pressure. These reasons if taken seriously may eliminate the risk of substance use. Keywords: Adolescence –Substance abuse-Family-Peers-School. Drugs, is any chemical substance or natural origin that changes in the way humans perceive their environment. They are divided into broad categories, depending on their action in the Central Nervous System: The sedatives, stimulants and hallucinogens. Many drugs, however, are used occasionally for therapeutic purposes. We will be concerned with what nowadays is often abused. The field of repressive drugs contains tranquilizers, sleeping pills, alcohol, heroin, methadone, etc. The stimulants are tobacco, coffee, amphetamines (common house) and cocaine. While in hallucinogens is hashish and marijuana, ecstasy, the LSD, mescaline, etc. As mentioned above drugs act on the central nervous system, so as to change the mood, function, perception and readiness of an individual. It is very difficult for anyone to predict the effects of the substance which depend primary on the amount consumed, the nature of the user, the environment and what is expected from the actions of the substance. The problem of drug use in our society has risen
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