Adolescence Essay

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Adolescence I interviewed my mom for my adolescence essay. While hearing about what her adolescence life was like sounded a lot like mine but different to. What was similar is we both were happy and excited when we graduated eighth grade and couldn't wait to go to our high school of choice. I didn't know that the nuns influenced my mom that much. They way she described it was surprising to me and made me think how and what they did to influence my so much. My mom also said retreats helped her think of what people saw her. I agreed that retreats helped me as well develop how people see me and also developed who I was. Another thing that I found that was similar was that my mom and I both developed time management skills during adolescence. This was because she had school and work. I also have developed some what of a time management skill to juggle all my sports and school work. My mom also said she loved to have fun and go out a lot with her friends so she could develop a better relationship with friends and also make new friends as well. I too like to have fun and go out and hang out because I enjoy making new friends that later may be my best friends in life. Also I have developed better relationships with most of my grade school friends during the time of adolescence. My adolescence was also different compared to my mom. My mom never really questioned her faith but I do sometimes. I sometimes wonder how do we even know that there is a heaven and hell and other questions that I might find hard to understand. Also my mom developed a strong relationship with her brother. I on the other hand have not. I don't have a strong bond with my brothers because they are younger than me and a lot different. My mom developed a strong bond with her brother because they could relate to each others problems while my younger brothers wouldn't even understand what I would be

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