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The Middle College High School at CPCC offers a rigorous academic curriculum, which requires you to demonstrate a high level of commitment, maturity, and responsibility. Cato Middle College will not offer opportunities for extracurricular activities. We expect you to demonstrate student behaviors that will ensure that you have an optimal opportunity for success. Explain how you will balance the freedoms of the college campus and the responsibilities of the academic program. (Write one full page) At Cato Middle College High School, I am going to balance the freedom of college campus by being responsible, mature, and taking the appropriate amount of advantage of my freedom. I will also demonstrate a higher level of commitment to focus on my education and the ability to become successful in life. Success is my reason for applying. It is also my high level of student behavior. Cato Middle College High School has a lot to offer. Therefore, I will come prepared to take responsibility of the academic program. Paying attention, studying, striving, and putting forth a good effort is how I plan to keep up with the academic program. I will show respect at all times, no matter the situation. Since I am a young mature teenager I will act as one. This is how I will balance the freedoms of college campus and the responsibilities of the academic programs. In addition, I realize that this program will help me focus even more on my success, and my determination level will increase even more. It will also help me by strengthening my studying skills and performing at a higher level, higher than what I am performing now. Thank you for this opportunity to apply to Cato Middle College High

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