Admission Transfer Discharge Essay

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This essay will discus admission of patient with space occupying lesion (SOL) in relation to patient with pseudonym name Mrs Carol Smith after obtaining a consent from patient to use their condition in my study case in respect to NMC The code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives (2008) and ''Consent: patients and doctors making decisions together'' General Medical Council (2008) . I will not be using any real names or places in respect of NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice (Department of Health, November 2003), legislation The Data Protection Act 1998. I am a nursing assistant on specialist neurosurgical ward in London hospital . The aim of this essay is to explore the assessment process and how it informs the assessment of a patient. I will explore elective admission that is the one that has been arranged in advance. It is not an emergency admission, a maternity admission or a transfer from a hospital bed in another health care provider . The period that the patient has to wait for admission depends on the demand on hospital resources and the facilities available to meet this demand in accordance to Health And Social Care Information Centre ( HSCIC 2012) . According to the NHS Information Centre, Hospital Episode Statistics for England, (HES 2011) during the period of August 2010 to July 2011, over 10 million people were admitted to hospital as elective admissions. These statistics represent individual people who have their own needs, but share the common need for their healthcare professional to provide expert care to them during their time in hospital.

Castledine (2004) tells us that all nurses should carry out a patient assessment automatically as this is the first stage in ascertaining the health of the patient. A past medical history should be obtained and a physical assessment made as

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