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Admission Statement The profession of nursing is recognized as one of the most significant professions in the society. This is because nurses are known to interact more with the patients as compared to the doctors and hence understand more about the patient’s ailments. Therefore, nurses play an important role in the medical field in enhancing the quality of care given to patients. Despite the challenges involved in the profession, I find the role of having a positive impact on people’s lives as being purposeful. This is because in becoming a nurse, one gets the opportunity in giving back to the society since it requires one to care and assist individuals who have been challenged by tragic fate through various accidents, illnesses and psychological conditions. I consider myself capable of demonstrating these qualities and having the willingness to learn beyond the knowledge I possess. My enthusiasm for nursing started during my childhood, where I joined the fist aid medical club in elementary school. However, my first interest developed from the experience I had when I was part of the team that rescued a student who fainted in the classroom. The incident occurred during a Mathematics afternoon class when one of my classmates fainted as she was walking towards her locker. Since she was my desk mate, I was one of those students who carried her out of the classroom to give her first aid. Although the experience was somehow challenging and frightening, I was thrilled with how we made the girl feel better and therefore decided to focus my dream career on healthcare. After completing my studies in High School, I enrolled for a degree in Psychology because I realized and learned that healthcare was deeply connected with the mental processes and behavior, which defines psychology. I gained remarkable experiences during the study of this course since I was able to learn a

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