Admission Of Turkey To The Eu Essay

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The Accession of Turkey to the European Union Turkey and the European Union have long been a touchy subject for the region and one of an ongoing discussion. There is much criticism over this issue as the EU is split on this, There are those that welcome this and there are other that do not. Turkey first applied to the EU in April of 1987 and with the Ankara Agreement in 1963 Turkey became an EU associate member state defacto. [1] Then Turkey signed a Customs Agreement with the EU in 1995 and fully became a member for candidacy in December 1999. In 1987 the European Commission refused to begin accessions talks because of poor economic and political situations as well as citing poor relations with Cyrus and Greece. Talks to have Turkey join the EU were started on October of 2005 but it is expected to take up quite some time. In 1997 it was proven that the EU had no intent of admitting Turkey, when during the Luxemburg European Council accession talks involved western and eastern Europe and Cyprus not had no intention of talking to Turkey. It wasn't until Helsinki European Council in 1999 that there became a statement towards Turkey as the EU recognized it towards potentially becoming a candidate. [2] The next greatest step for the assecsion of Turkey was in 2002, after the Copenhagen European Council. The EU said “the EU would open negotiations with Turkey 'without delay' if the European Council in December 2004, on the basis of a report and a recommendation from the Commission, decides that Turkey fulfills the Copenhagen political criteria." [3] The Commission then voted in 2004 to start negotiations in 2005 without delay and it was successfully launched. Of course that was 2005, what does it look like now in 2012. According to publications of the EU the earliest year of potential entry is 2013. But given the other priorities that exist inside of the EU's

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