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Admission Essay ABC, M.S. – Industrial Operations and Systems. “Act to succeed and not just to avoid failure.” This is the motto I follow in my life. The first computerized checkers player could compute all possible outcomes of a single move but still it was only an average player!! Why? Because it was designed to play only safe moves which prevented it from losing. When it was programmed to win and not just to avoid losing the machine started winning. Growing up in a loving family I drew inspiration from my parents. My father a successful doctor and a devoted family man, I have always wanted to be just like him and secretly wanted to be better. My mother the epitome of kindness and sincerity, I have learnt from her the value of balance in life. She has given me the ability to find the right balance for everything in life work and fun, ambition and compassion, holding on and letting go. Always steering me towards the right direction but never pushing, my family is my sanctuary. In my heart I have always wanted to be successful in everything I do for the most important reason that my parents should feel proud. It has never been an overbearing feeling but I have worked hard so as not to let them down ever. Now I have come to the most crucial juncture in my career and my life. The decisions that I make now will shape my future. In the past I have done reasonably well for myself and have followed my instincts and interests in all my decisions. Now combining my interests, instincts and reasoning I have come to the conclusion that I want to pursue a Masters in Industrial operations and systems. Apart from the fact that I have a deep interest in this field I also came to realize during my internship with JCB Ltd. that how important this field is to the success of any industry. Growing up in a developing economy I have been witness to a horde of industrial

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