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Mathematical Discourse Mathematical Discourse focuses on the challenges of developing mathematics literacy among California’s diverse student population and developing strategies for teachers that cultivate and advance positive attitudes among their students toward mathematics. The course is designed to attend to the specialized vocabulary embedded within mathematics and build understanding of effective pedagogical practices that enable teachers to facilitate meaningful discourse about mathematics as well as encourage and maintain the engagement of all learners. Content also includes how to analyze K-8 students’ questions, how to develop questions that promote critical thinking and strategies that maintain high levels of cognitive demand throughout lessons. Mathematics Assessment Understanding what K-8 students know about mathematics and the implications to instruction is the focus of the course, Mathematics Assessment. A variety of assessment types are explored and developed with particular attention to error analysis, learning trajectories, language assessments, formative and summative (site-based and California mathematics standards based) assessments. All discussions and assignments surrounding the varied assessments include the implications to instruction and how to help students use their results to improve their own understanding of mathematics. Teachers work together to determine what K-8 students’ demonstrations of understanding, fluency, or proficiency in mathematics look like and what type of assessment(s) are appropriate. Included in the coursework are techniques for communicating progress to parents, colleagues, and other appropriate service providers. Equity in Mathematics: Intervention, Accommodation, and Differentiation Building directly from the information in the

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