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AFNAN DARWESH Address: 524A 28th Avenue, San Francisco, California 94121 Mobile: (415) 513.8587 E-mail: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Experiences do more than just teach a person what to do next; they become integral components for every decision that one makes in his everyday life. Thus, one’s success is definitely attributed to how he responds to even the most trying ordeals life could hurl his way. Whereas those experiences could either motivate or hinder a person to attain his aspirations, I on the other hand strived hard and let those life’s events be a beacon for me as I tread the path toward personal and professional success. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, whereupon growing up I already had the earnest desire to succeed in my life. Uncertainty then posed a challenge before me after I graduated from high school: I wanted to pursue further education undoubtedly, but I did not know what to take for my undergraduate studies. I was, however, keenly interested in the human body; thereby making me decide to pursue application for a medical school. My interest was further bolstered by my siblings; my sister was working as a clinical pharmacist, and my brother as a neurologist. What made my brother specialize in the field was the fact that our mother had a neurological disorder. Due to his encouragement and support, I was able to gain admission at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, which was newly established at the time, and took up Diagnostic Radiology. During my first year in the University, my brother, who was supporting me financially, died. This unexpected occurrence took an emotional toll on me which made me almost give everything up. However, I recalled the words he told me before I enrolled for college; I was among the second batch the University produced, thus putting me in a good position to succeed after graduation.

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