Admissible Statements Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Acquiring Admissible Statements Worksheet Conduct an Internet search by visiting the Arizona, Illinois, New York, and California state websites. Locate the legal requirements needed to acquire admissible statements in these particular states. Complete the worksheet below with your findings. |State |Legal Requirements |Precedent |Other | |Arizona |Arizona Rules of Evidence |Miranda v. State of Arizona |Arizona State Legislature | |Illinois |Illinois Rules of Evidence |White v. Illinois |Illinois Rule 803 Hearsay | | | | |Expectations | |New York |Application of the Rules of |New York v. Molineux |Admissible and Inadmissible | | |Evidence in Adjudicatory | |Evidence | | |Proceedings | | | |California |California Evidence Code |Flanagan v. Flanagan; |California Wiretapping Law | In one to three paragraphs, answer the questions below regarding the regulatory information you found while conducting your research. 1. When reviewing the legal requirements to acquire an admissible statement, what similarities did you find among the four states? 2. What differences did you find among the four states? All four states require delivery of Miranda warnings but the state of Illinois mainly emphasis on the awareness of the defendant on his

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