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Administrator and Teacher Interview Essay

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  • on August 8, 2012
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Administrator and Teacher Interview

Administrator and Teacher Interview
Christine Sawtelle
EDU310 Exploring Education as a Profession
July 29, 2012

Administrator and Teacher Interview
When I interviewed the two people it was very interesting to see the difference in their view on education.   I got some good insight I what direction I want to go and it was very helpful to talk to them and get the knowledge they had to share. The first person I interviewed was my fourth grade teacher and he was the reason that I have chosen to go into education. The second person I interviewed was the director of the day care center I work for and how different the jobs really are. I would personally never want to be an administrator they have too many other things to do then be with the children and that is what I want to do.
The things that they had in common where they both love to work with children. Mr. Pacsh said that he “He loves to transfer knowledge to children and watch them grow from that knowledge”. I can remember sitting in his class and learning so much that I never knew and even years after leaving his class going back and learning from him. I have been out of his class for almost 25 years and still keep in contact with him. Ms. Heather said the reason she loves what she does is “because I love children and I had really good teachers growing up, that cared about me so I thought becoming a teacher would match my experiences in my childhood”.   I have talked with both of them at length and I believe I am making the correct career choice for me.
The thing that stood out that differed between the two of them is that one worked in the school district and the other as only work in a day care center. Ms. Heather said that “teachers in childcare setting do not make as much money and receive the same benefits as teachers at a Head Start program or in the School District”. Mr. Pacsh never mentions anything about pay for him he just loves teaching children and...

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