Administrative Justice 1 Essay

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Page 1 Maintaining the Rule of Law Shaphan A. Green Barstow Community College Professor Beshear ADJU2 Administrative Justice September 14 2013 Page 2 ABSTRACT The criminal process, “The Rule of Law” is a part of the state’s response to crime, part of the mechanism which the state applies substantive criminal law to its citizen. Within this essay, the procedures and the means of maintaining the principles in a society are carefully reviewed. Before laying down the foundations of this work, a few lines will be dedicated to a brief description of the rule of the law and what the criminal justice system is all about. According to Cliff Robertson’s procedures in the Justice System, these systems are a set of legal and social establishments for carrying out the criminal law in agreement with a definite set of regulations and restrictions. In every country, every nation, every land, there is an essential need to shield, protect, and defend their people and their properties. Both of these aspects are an indispensable form of protection, and the establishment to create these laws is imperative. In this work, the principle and procedures on maintaining a judicial society will be discussed followed by how they are internally connected. Page 3 MEANING OF THE RULE OF LAW The rule of law is a term that can have different meaning in various instances. There are usually three ways that the rule of law is defined, that is rule according to law, rule under law, or rule according to higher law. Rule according to law is defined as the law requires the government to exercise its power by implementing thorough written rules, regulations, and legal principles. Rule under law is defined as the government operating under the law, in other words “no one is above the law”. No judicial branch has unlimited authority, therefore it must not surpass as if it does. Rule

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