Administrative Delays In Healthcare

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Term Definition Merriam Webster defines Administrative as, of or relating to the management of a company, school, or other organization. Delay is defined as a situation in which something happens later than it should (Merriam Webster). Administrative delays have the potential to be harmful to all parties involved (Satterlee). Article Summary The article "US delays key healthcare mandate", is about the Obama administration delaying for one year the implementation of one of the most onerous new health care mandates on business (Financial Times). Mark Mazue a Treasury official, said the administration wanted the extra time (Financial Times). Mark Mazue also summed it up by saying this would give companies more time to adapt their health coverage and with reporting. The change does not impact individuals this year, however; it will impact them next year if they do not find coverage. They will face a penalty if they do not acquire insurance.…show more content…
Especially, if the individual or company has worked hard to try to stay within the law. This negative impact could then turn what was good into something bad. It could mean that the organization was not ready, why make a law/rule and not stand behind it. What if the individual or business in not ready next year when the law/rule is in placed? However, they will still get a fine and the delay only benefited a particular person/company. In conclusion, administrative delays should be well thought out for all parties before a final decision is made to decrease negative impacts. Jopson, B. (2014, April 18). US delays ruling on Keystone oil pipeline. Retrieved April 5, 2015, from Kirchgaessner, S. (2013, July 3). US delays key healthcare mandate. Retrieved April 5, 2015, from

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