Administration and Politics Dichotomy

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Administration and Politics Dichotomy Rolin Dantino Grantham University 12 November 2013 Administration and Politics Dichotomy President Woodrow Wilson is known for his idea that government administration and politics are two separate entities. Wilson describes the contrast between administration and politics like this, “politics is dealt with questions of policy formulation; administration is dealt with carrying them out.” (Pandian, 2010) The distinctions between the two entities have been debated for decades. There are advantages and disadvantages of using dichotomy in the manner that Woodrow Wilson argued. This paper will cover the advantages, disadvantages and why the distinction makes our government work better. The chart below displays the differences between politics and administration: Politics | Administration | Deals with the “expression of the will of the people “. | Deals with the “Execution of the will of the people”. | Deals with Politicians | Deals with Civil Servants | One becomes Politician by his popularity ,either through positive or negative popularityPositive Popularity , e.g., Sonia GandhiNegative Popularity e.g. Poolan Devi | One becomes Civil servants by his intelligence | One becomes Politics through election | One becomes civil servant through selection | Prior training is not given to politician | Civil servants are professionals | Power is the Centre of study in politics i.e , process of capturing and retaining power | Running administration successfully is the central focus here | (Pandian, 2010) The advantages of using administration and politics dichotomy today are several. Many people depend on government services and support such as fire department, military, and environment protection agency. These services should be provided to all regardless of who runs the white house or
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