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Metalcasting Growth Strategies Part 5 yn the final installment of this five-part series, i ^ u n d r y strategist offer metalcasting businesses can implement their growth strategies and transform into strategyfocused organizations. BY MIKE SWARTZLANDER Strategy as a Process In applying the tools for growth strategy reviewed earher in this series, it's clear that significant work is required to develop good growth strategy. However, once completed, strategy must be implemented—and this may be the most difficult part of the j oumey. The most successful growth companies are those that can transform strategy fi^om a singular event, into an on-going process, overlapping, supplementing, and ultimately strengthening their normal quarterly and annual objectives-setting andfinancialprocesses. In essence the most successful companies become strategy-focused organizations. While there are many approaches that have been used for strategy implementation, I have found the Balanced Score Card to be very effective. This final article describes the Balanced Score Card (BSC) approach, and especially touches on some important points specific to growth strategy implementation. Balanced Score Card Balanced Score Card was introduced by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton in the Febmary 1992 Harvard Business Review. Kaplan and Norton over the years further researched and defined the BSC concepts and toolsets for practical adaptation by many large organizations. 12 FOUNDRY MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY | F O U N D R Y M A G . C O M | JULY 2013 In simple terms. Balanced Score Gards are, metrics for setting goals and objectives that are "pro-active" in nature. In addition to traditional financial perspectives, BSG includes perspectives ofthe Gustomer, Intemal Business Processes, and Innovation and Learning. The Financial Perspective includes the goals and historic measures from the

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