Adjusting to Terrorism Essay

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Adjusting to Terrorism Lorrie Bass CJA/453 Maxine Craig University of Phoenix September 02, 2010 Adjusting to Terrorism For many years, changes within the criminal justice administration have occurred gradually and incrementally. However, the frequency and the pace of change are steadily increasing because many of these changes are unplanned changes. Therefore, as a result of these unplanned changes programs fail and often have negative consequences. Outlined in this paper is a purposed plan for change in the justice administration in an effort to combat Terrorism. Administration change In order for a more successful change in the criminal justice administration the Justice administrator has to plan, implement, and evaluate the problems within his or her administration. The Justice administrator’s change should include the following: a problem analysis, setting goals, and objectives, policy changes and coming up with an action plan that should be tested and evaluated before implementing (Peaks, 2010). If a change is to be effective the Justice administrator should create a policy that would set the rules and guidelines for his or her organization to follow. Plan (combat terrorism) Example, a Justice administrator (state or federal) has been asked to purpose a new plan to combat terrorism. The individual may start with addressing the variables that contributed to the problem: communication, technology, security, response plan, and training. The administrator may suggest that Federal officials as well as state law enforcement implement "speedpass" technology, which is the same variation used by commuters on toll roads(National Journals ,2001). The expanded edition of this technology may one-day consist of software that would recognize the face driver, which ensures that the driver is, in fact, the pass owner. Changes in security may consist of

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