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Digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in most sectors of economic activity. Due to high levels of interconnectivity, the Internet has been likened to the wheel and the airplane in terms of its ability to affect the future development of business and society. Consequently, the Internet has provided the impetus for many companies to rethink the role of technology, and evidence already indicates the extent of its global impact. Research on major trends in the dispersion of Internet technologies found that approximately 90 per cent of UK businesses have access to the Internet and, in companies with over 50 employees, the percentage is approaching 100 per cent.3 The situation was found to be very similar in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Ireland, South Korea, Sweden and the USA. Interestingly, the report also concluded that the key measure of information and communication technologies (ICT) adoption is no longer just about connectivity and access to the Internet but rather the degree to which digital technology is being used to deliver real value for businesses. Increasingly, business adoption of technologies focuses on an expanding range of digital devices and platforms (e.g. mobile phones, wireless, and digital TV). Indeed, global system for mobile communications (GMS) has become the fastest-growing communications technology of all time. Consequently, adoption of digital technologies has profound implications for marketing planning and implementation. The Internet is a major communications channel, providing an arena for multi-faceted communications. Vast numbers of people spend hours each day surfi ng the Web. Research covering 16 countries found that, on average, people spend 29 per cent of their leisure time on the Web. Overall, the Chinese spend the

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