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1. Adidas’ position in the athletic shoe market? The leading supplier of athletic shoe market 1.1 How does the brand seem to be doing in this market? Europe a) After the Second World War - an important supplier of footwear to German soccer teams -Expanded footwear line to high jumping, weight lifting and bobsledding, all of which featured prominently in the Olympics b) In 1974: achieved international importance when the adidas-sponsored German national team won the World Cup soccer championship. c) in 1995: the leading supplier of soccer footwear worldwide d) in 2004: adidas is the largest supplier of sportswear in Europe e) In 2004: ”Road to Lisbon” (R2L) campaign ❖ sponsor European Cup 2004 in Lisbon. In 1998, adidas began to focus on the U.S. basketball market a) In 1986:sponsored Run DMC ❖ the first music group to endorse a line of footwear with its 1986 hit song “My adidas”. b) In 1998:sponsored Kobe Bryant ❖ more than doubled its U.S. market share within a year. c) In 2004:launch the T-MAC 4 - the world’s first laceless basketball shoe d) In 2004:”Impossible is Nothing” campaign ❖ featuring sports legends, such as Mohammed Ali and David Beckham, etc.”Impossible is Nothing” aimed to associate the adidas brand with the ability of individuals to go beyond conventional limits for athletic performance. e) In 2005: ”Respect M.E.: The Missy Elliott” campaign ❖ to market a new line of footwear and clothing by missy Elliott, hip-hop’s leading female artist. The “Brand in the Hand” efforts Partnered with MTV for mobile applications ❖ to integrate adidas into MTV programming and offer interactive functions

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