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Tidal Energy: An Alternative Significant Source of Energy for Power Deficiency in Bangladesh Adib Ahmed Habib1, * Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), OIC, Gazipur-1704, BANGLADESH E-mail: Abstract: Enhance the energy production is one of the daunting tasks in Bangladesh. Our salient sources of power like fossil fuel, oil, coal are not adequate to meet up our demand. As these pivotal sources are depleted incessantly, we may consider huge shortage of power in upcoming days. Renewable energy, which is replenished again and again, is the most striking features to strive against the scanty amount of power. Among all renewable energy sources, tidal power is considered to be a significant source for power deficiency in Bangladesh. The research has figured out that a satisfactory range of power could be manufactured from the tidal range of coastal Bangladesh by using the simple low-cost technology of tidal wheels in the tidal embankment sluice gates. The electricity produced could be utilised by various coastal interests, such as agriculture, shrimp aquaculture and other resource producing activities. The tides in Sandwip has great potential to generate energy which demonstrates roughly a 5 hour 'in' and 7 hour 'out' cycle. Bangladesh has a long coastal belt of 740 kilometers and the coastal area. The normal tidal wave that rises and falls in the coastal region of Bangladesh is between two and eight meters. Except having some promising features tidal energy has some drawbacks like high up frontal cost, adverse effect on environment. This paper disseminates the optimistic features of tidal power and also provides some suggestions to overcome the salient shortcomings of tidal

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