ADHD and Ritalin Essay

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Today we hear a great deal about something called ADD. There are several published articles about it in magazines and newspapers. In recent times diagnoses for ADD/ADHD have soared. A few decades ago hardly anybody had heard of this disorder. Children back then misbehaved just as they do now. In those days if a child acted out, parents and teachers would say that the kid was “wild” or “unruly.” Such children were thought to act the way they did because they were undisciplined. They would be spanked, grounded, or put in detention in order to make them behave better. The problem is that ADD is being diagnosed way too much these days. How has a disorder that was barely heard of a generation ago become so commonplace? The first step on the way to understanding ADD is to know the symptoms. One of the most significant hallmarks of Attention Deficit Disorder is inattentiveness. A child will be unable to focus on what the teacher is talking about. Instead, they might spend long amounts of time looking out the window, doodling or just staring into space. Another sign of ADD is distraction. A child with this condition will not be able to focus on one thing. They may sit down to do their homework and start thinking about something else instead. One thing may lead to another, and soon the child will end up doing something completely different and may not remember that they were supposed to have started their homework an hour ago. The H in ADHD stands for hyperactivity. A hyperactive child is someone who will run around and jump in an inappropriate place. They could be walking through a shopping mall with their family and will just start to jump up and down for no apparent reason. Often these children will fidget and squirm in their seats. Their teachers will say complain that they can’t sit still. Physicians aren’t exactly sure what causes some people to be this way.

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