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Adhd And Massage Tharpy Essay

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  • on March 10, 2012
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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition, and if left untreated, it can set a child up for a lifetime of difficulties in learning and forming relationships. At least that is the assumption that has guided the popular approach to treating ADHD for decades. But new research suggests that ADHD might be much less persistent than previously thought.
A team led by Prudence Fisher and J. Blake Turner, both at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, reviewed the records of nearly 1,500 children from four studies that had used a standard diagnostic interview to screen for ADHD. They found that a majority of children who qualified for an initial diagnosis had lost their diagnosis by two years later. ( Katherine Sharpe)
There are many treatments for ADHD   like massage therapy . This creates a relaxation and causes the body to react more calmly. Dr.Tiffany Fields has known as a great researcher has proven this to be a true fact ,
That giving massage treatments will slow down the hyperactive behavior in classrooms and other task that
ADHD children have or go threw or try to do each day.This not just with students even some infants can go threw symptoms of ADHD , but short term massages can as you say nip it in the bud. Dr. Fields studies
Show that 28 adolescents that have ADHD received massage or a relaxation therapy .This study was to show that these people could learn and enable them to be more calm.
I have ADHD and I’ve notice that with me receiving massage I have been more collected and calm; Its strange because im not use to being settle it helps but then it doesn’t . For one I still feel bored most of the times and my mind is never on a one way street if you understand that. Its raelly not much to write about everything I looked up
Say the same thing and this my papper on massage and ADHD.

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