Adhd And It's Impact On Society Essay

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PSY481U Assignment 2 Theme 1: Learning and Behaviour Disorders Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders “Children with ADHD continue to pose a considerable challenge to their families and society at large” Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder associated with socially disruptive behaviours such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Cantwell (1996) explained that these behaviours may cause significant impairment and interference in numerous areas of a child’s normal development. Furthermore, according to Tutorial letter 101 for PSY481U (2010) children with ADHD also have a consequential impact on the lives of those surrounding the child. The focus of this essay will be a discussion on the challenges that children with ADHD pose towards their families and society. Cantwell (1996) stated that ADHD is viewed as one of the most important childhood disorders due to its highly prevalent nature. According to Cantwell (1996) ADHD makes up as much as half of the population of children with psychiatric disorders. Cantwell (1996) believed that its prevalence in the general population is approximately 3% to 5 %. However, according to Mash and Wolf (2010) and Erasmus (2009) prevalence may in fact be as high as between 7% and 8%. If these prevalence figures are taken into account it appears that there are potentially millions of South African children suffering form ADHD. This constitutes a significant portion of our population and is therefore bound to have a considerable impact on the broader society. Perhaps one of the areas where the challenges of dealing with ADHD children are most significantly felt is in the school environment. Van der Merwe (2009) explained that some of the behavioural traits associated ADHD include poor attention, poor listening, impulsivity and an inability to wait. These behaviours when presented in

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