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Recognizing ADHD in Children Laniqua Spicer East Carolina University Professor Bonita Sasnett Written Communication and Documentation in Health Care 3030 Section 2 November 20, 2012 Abstract ADHD is a disorder found in children while in their early primary stage. The children who encounter this disorder often have a hard time excelling in academics and physical development. There has been research done to better understand children who have to deal with ADHD. The results showed there was a differentiation amongst children in different stages of ADHD. Some forms of ADHD in certain children may seem to be more severe than others. Certain children even end up growing out of this disorder within a certain amount of time. The ending results were that ADHD is noticeable at different ages in children but are often found mostly by teachers, once the child is being placed in a structured environment. They also noticed that each child’s behavior once diagnosed with ADHD was different depending upon which medical treatment was given to the child. Introduction Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be defined as multiple things. Mostly it is a “a childhood mental disorder with onset before seven years of age and involving impaired or diminished attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity“ (Farlex, 2012). In some cases children outgrow their disorder, and occasionally it is a disorder that they will continue to carry with them throughout life. There are different ways to treat ADHD, and there are many different opinions to whether they help or hurt. While some side effects are less common, some are common among all who take similar medications, such as a decrease in appetite. Some people choose to treat ADHD by utilizing a strict diet plan, and avoiding different ingredients in food. While other use certain medications to treat the cause of ADHD. ADHD is

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