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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) is an illness that effects the neurotransmitters in the brain. One of the most important things that helps the brain work is glucose, It has been proven that people with ADHD do not have as much glucose in certain parts of the brain, therefore the brain does not react as quickly or as strongly as a person's brain would that does not have ADHD. Doctors have not been able to pin point the exact reason some people have this illness and others do not. In the “olden days” they called this illness hyperkinetic disorder. People believed children that had this disorder had received minimal brain damage from either complications at birth or an early childhood disease. That was proven to be wrong. Many scientists and doctors have been studying patients brain functions and how different medications change these brain functions. Doctors are quite stumped when it comes to treating ADHD with medication. There are many different types of medication and they effect each and every person differently. Doctors are trying to diagnose why one medication will work for one person and have absolutely no effect on another person. ADHD effects adults as well as children. Many patients are diagnosed and treated as children so by the time they grow into adulthood they have been through therapy and are on medication and therefore have the necessary skills to live a successful life with the disorder. There are also those who do not get diagnosed until they are adults. These people would have led very difficult lives. Many times people that live undiagnosed make very poor decisions through out life and are extremely impulsive, which leads to problems with the law and many times drug use. Also, and these people are not thought of very often of being affected by ADHD, are those closest to the patient. Having to live with a person with

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