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Treating ADHD without Medication, and Increasing Therapy Could be Beneficial to Children Abstract Children are crying out for help, as they cry the teachers don’t hear their efforts of being a better student. Teachers hear disruption, noise, chaos, and unruly children who only distract the smart children from learning their lesson. While researchers try to find the answers to the ADHA epidemic, pharmaceutical companies capitalize on the benefit of labeling children with ADHD. The underlying reason for these drugs are not completely convincing, because the United States allows schools more money to keep this system thriving without finding other means of treatment rather than medicating our youth. Although there is no cure for ADHD alternative treatments other than medication, is said to be more effect over long periods of time. Children deserve to take advantage of behavioral therapy instead of the use of a drug. In the beginning of the discovery of ADHD people knew the tem as ADD. According to David Rabiner, Ph.D.Senior Research Scientist and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department of Psychology and Neurosciences at Duke University, the term ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, is not technically correct and no longer used. Attention deficit hyperactivity, is the correct term used in education, also known as, ADHD. ADHD is characterized by difficulty to external and internal stimuli, organizing and completing tasks, and controlling impulses, emotions and behaviors (Military,2012). Functions that are impaired in children with ADHD is not like a talent to be learned or characteristics to be shown. The brain activity automatically has natural activities of the brains complex neutral networks. Understanding how the brain works may help to visualize the life a child living with ADHD. The human brain weighs about three pounds and is composed of

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