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A Separate Peace In Chapter four after returning from their night at the beach, Gene begins to wonder if his friend is truly or if he is only friends with him to keep him from becoming head of the class. This makes Gene suspicious of Finny’s actions with the Super Suicide Society and his insistence on Gene partaking in all his activities. Upon this realization Gene doubles his studies so that he and Finny could be even. Gene keeps attending the nightly suicide society meetings as to not arouse the suspicion of Phineas. One night as Gene is studying Finny runs into their dorm and announces that Leper Lepellier was going to jump out of the tree and be initiated into the Suicide Society. Finny’s pestering causes Gene to snap and yell at Finny telling him that he had to study. Finny is surprised and tells Gene that he never knew that he HAD to study and tells Gene to stay and prepare for his exam. Gene gets defensive and insists on going to see Leper jump. What Gene doesn’t realize is that Finny is using reverse psychology to get him to go. They both end up going to see Leper jump. In order to start the meeting the two of them have to jump into the river as they always do, but Finny gets the idea that both of them should jump at the same time. As Gene climbs up the tree he feels scared and a little apprehensive. When he gets to the limb, Finny moves over to make room for his friend. When gene gets to the limb he deliberately jounces the limb to make Finny lose his balance and fall in a way that breaks his leg. Gene then jumps out of the tree with all feelings of apprehension leaving him. Word count:

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