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“Someone like You” “But after I wrote it, I felt more at peace. It set me free”, Adele claims in a James’ Montgomery’s interview. (Montgomery). This quote pertains to Adele’s song “Someone Like You” from her second album 21. From this brief quote one can make the argument that Adele fits into the “Etheridge” category of music rather than the “Rojas” category. Adele exemplifies many qualities from Etheridge’s article “Music as a Safe Haven” like having support from a young age, playing instruments and using other artists and life events to inspire their music. For multiple reasons Adele falls into Etheridge category because of the composition of the song (music and lyrics), performances, and the popularity/success of the song. To fully understand and appreciate Adele’s song “Someone like You”, one does not need to study music in depth, but rely on her voice, how it corresponds with the piano and realize where the song came from. Adele states numerous times this song was “fueled by heartache” (Murphy) which can be compared to Etheridge’s point of view stated in her article, “… all of my raw, unharnessed emotion would, forever forward, be placed into my song writing” (Etheridge). The lyrics are a story of Adele visiting her ex-lover in the future to find that he is happy without her may not relate to a lot of people, but her lyrics, “Never mind I’ll find someone like you/I wish nothing but the best for you too/don’t forget me, I beg/I’ll remember you said sometimes it lasts in love sometimes it hurts instead” (Adele) still affect a lot of people emotionally. The subject of the song “is familiar but the detail she colors it with are vibrantly tactile and resonant” (Fairall). It is the actual combination of the music and words that makes the song so powerful, “…starts low, and then moves higher and louder for the chorus” (Ewer). The music complements the words and

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