Adele Music Essay

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Work In Progress Situation Analysis Australian Music Industry Background: The internet allows the consumers to acquire and download high quality music for little or no cost through file sharing, swapping. This has deliberately accounted for the decline in sales and profits of recorded music. Expectedly for the coming year, the music industry will decline by 2.2% to $1.1 billion in 2010-11 (IBIS 2011). The possible reasons of such declination and the shift of changing in consumers’ trend are corporate greed of the record companies and point to the relatively high prices of CDs and recorded music. This is accounted for the primary cause of consumers seeking such alternatives. Problems & Threats Indication: -The Remote Control is facing the problem when promoting Adele’s music at Australian Radio and CD at the retailer store for her second album. -The sales figure of “21” was significantly under-expected compare with the success in USA and UK. Possible reasons of declined sales figure (need to be proved): * “21” may not be exposed to target audience. * The target audience is not reached or the need of re-defined the core audience of Adele. * The distribution channel issue: customer may intend to make a purchase but not available in store. * The target audience may download the “21” illegally instead of purchase a CD. * The culture difference gives rise to the disappointing performance in Australia market. Suggested Marketing Activities to overcome Objectives of the Marketing Campaign -Raising awareness about Adele’s album across various channels and platforms -Increasing the knowledge about piracy and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). Below the line activities -Flash Mob in the heart of Melbourne City to raise awareness in the public. Video will be recorded and post on YouTube to go viral. By employing both online and
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