Adelbert Ames: A Brief Biography

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Adelbert Ames was born October 31st, 1835, and died on April 12th, 1933 born in Rockland, Maine. Ames is known as a carpetbagger that is referred to “northerners who held office in the South after the Civil War”. Adelbert was Union officer and Reconstruction governor of Mississippi. Military life has always interested him, and accomplished an appointment to the United States Military Academy. In1861, he entered the service as a second lieutenant of artillery. Ames received the brevet of lieutenant colonel for bravery at Gettysburg, of general for his services at Fort Fisher. In 1866, he accepted the rank of lieutenant colonel of the regular 24th Infantry on duty in Mississippi. He resigned from the army on Feb. 23, 1870. In 1868 he was chosen

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