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Adelard of Bath Adelard of Bath was born sometime within the year 1080. Little is known about his early life besides that he grew up in Bath, Somerset England. Later in his life he studied in Tours in the Loire Valley in west central France and that he later taught at Laon in the Picardie region of northern France. Laon lies northwest of Reims and northeast of Paris. Adelard may have taught at the theological and exegetical school, which that had been founded by Anselm of Laon in about 1100. After leaving Laon, Adelard travelled for about seven years visiting first Salerno southeast of Naples. The medical school at Salerno, considered by many to be the first modern European university, was a famous institution at this time, drawing students from all over Europe. From Salerno Adelard travelled to Sicily, which at that time was under Norman control but still strongly influenced by Arabic traditions. The Arabs from North Africa had conquered the island in 965 and remained in control for about 100 years but the Normans gained the island in 1060. Adelard next visited Cilicia, an ancient district of southern Anatolia which today is in Turkey. Cilicia was on the north east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and Adelard took the natural coastal route round the east end of the Mediterranean to Syria and then later to Palestine. IN his later years he returned to Bath and is mentioned in the records of that city for the year 1130. Adelard wrote a number of original works on philosophy. The first work that he is known to have written is a philosophy text written before 1116 and dedicated to William, Bishop of Syracuse. Since Syracuse was one of the most important cities of ancient Sicily, this work is likely to have been written around the time of Adelard's visit to that island. However, since the work is based firmly on Plato’s philosophy, without any signs of Arabic influences,

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