Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues

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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Summary July 9,2012 Law 421 David Tiffany What legal issues are similar in the 3 cases? The similarity of legal issues involved in the three cases presented in my opinion would be negligence and establishing legal and ethical liabilities for international transactions across the globe. In the simulation Cadmex is looking to acquire exclusive global market rights to the anti-diabetic agent ProPrez which was established in Candore. The Ionia case is a mixture of criminal conduct as well as negligence, the Jamaican ship falsified the Oil Record Books (ORB) in foreign ports which caused an ethical dilemma(oil pollution). The third case refers to Pfizer’s 1996 case that took place in Northern Nigeria during an epidemic of bacterial meningitis. Trovan was a drug administered to children during this period, the drug was proven to have life threatening side effects and was not approved eleven children died due to the effects of this drug. What ethical issues are similar in the 3 cases? The common ethical issues that the three cases encounter are the ability to show honesty, reliability and open communication in consumer relationships as well as performing in an open and transparent environment. They also struggle with the ability to agree to take ethical responsibilities of on-site catastrophes, leaks, spills and misfortunes.( Buzzle n.d.) The pharmaceutical companies struggle with the situation of whether or not to make merchandise recalls if certain harmful information about them comes to surface, these are ethical issues that all organizations must be prepared for. What lesson could the management in the simulation (case #1) learn and apply to their business strategy from cases #2 and #3? It seems as though the organizations involved in case one could learn to apply international law,

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