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SEKTOR PENGURUSAN AKADEMIK JABATAN PELAJARAN NEGERI PERAK ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS Project Work 2014 The charm of Mathematics lies in the surprising nature of its number patterns. Words are not required to demonstrate its charm. It is obvious from the pattern attained. Arithmetic progressions and geometric progressions are just two amazing examples that immediately come to our mind. Look, enjoy and be amazed……….. This project will make you love number patterns more! Try it wholeheartedly to experience its sensation!! PART A Create an A4-size poster on any local theme that exhibits the following number patterns creatively: 1. Arithmetic progression 2. Geometric progression PART B You are a Form 5 Additional Mathematics student of a school in Malaysia. As part of the syllabus requirement, you need to complete four assignments. Assignment No. 1 For the same job specifications, two companies offer a different salary scale: Company A : Starting monthly pay = RM900.00 Monthly increment = RM50.00 Company B: Starting monthly pay = RM750.00 Monthly increment = RM60.00 (a) In January 2014, Ali starts to work in Company A and Ahmad in Company B. When will the monthly salary of Ali and Ahmad be the same? Use three methods. Include the use of ICT. (b) Which salary scale is the better deal? Justify. Assignment No. 2 Two companies, C and D, offer a different salary scale for the same post: Company C: Starting monthly pay = RM500.00 Thereafter, the monthly salary for a particular month is 10% more than the monthly salary for the preceding month Company D: Starting monthly pay = RM300.00 Thereafter, the monthly salary for a particular month is 15% more than the monthly salary for the

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