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Objective We students taking Additional Mathematics are required to carry out a project work while we are in Form 5. We are given two tasks and asked to choose and complete only ONE task based on our area of interest. This project can be done in individually or group. Upon completion of the Additional Mathematics Project Work, we are to gain valuable experiences and able to : * Solve routine and non-routine problems by apply and adapt a variety of problem solving strategies. * Experience classroom environment where expressing ones mathematical thinking, reasoning and communication are highly encouraged and expected. * Experience classroom environment that enhances and stimulates effective learning. * Use the mathematics to express mathematical ideas correctly and precisely and also acquire effective mathematical communication through oral and writing. * Enhance acquisition of mathematical knowledge and skills through problem-solving in ways that increase interest and confidence. * Prepare ourselves for the demand of our future undertakings and in workplace. * Train ourselves not only to be independent learners but also to collaborate, to cooperate, and to share knowledge in an engaging and healthy environment. * Realize that mathematics is an important and powerful tool in solving real-life problems and hence develop positive attitude towards mathematics. * appropriately and effectively use technology especially the ICT . * Train ourselves to become more creative and innovative and also to appreciate the intrinsic values of mathematics . * Realize the beauty and the importance of mathematics. Acknowledgement First and foremost, I would like to thank God that finally, I have succeeded in finishing this project work. I would like to thank my beloved Additional Mathematics teacher, Miss Yio Kheng Shin for all the guidance

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