Additional Science Rates Of Reaction Essay

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WHAT INFORMATION AM I COLLECTING? For this project I am trying to answer the question ‘How does the concentration of acid affect the rate of reaction?’ I am going to answer this by doing a preliminary to find out what molars to use for the real experiment. I will then do the real experiment to collect the information and will plot the information on the graph. To measure how much gas is produced we will attach a delivery tube to the conical flask (where the reaction is going to take place) with the other side in a burrette. The gas from the reaction will replace the water leaving us the ability to see how much gas was produced. I’m doing this experiment to find the rates of reaction of dissolving medium size marble chips in Hydrochloric acid. PRELIMINARY Before we started the real experiment we had to do a preliminary experiment. This is where you find out what you will need to do for the real experiment and what conditions we will be working in. We needed to find out what molar of hydrochloric acid we were going to use in our experiment. We wanted the acid to last for about 300 seconds. First we tried 2M but that lasted for about 60 seconds. This was nowhere near the correct time needed. We then tried 1.5M and this lasted for 100 seconds. – Still not long enough. We next tried 1M and this lasted for about 130 seconds. We then tried 0.5M and it lasted for 330 seconds. This was good so we then used 0.2M, 0.4M, 0.6M, 0.8M and 1M for the experiment. 0.5M | 1M | 1.5M | 2M | 1 | 332s | 120s | 83s | 56s | 2 | 330s | 118s | 92s | 30s | 3 | 240s* | 134s | 111s | 30s | 4 | 344s | | | 77s* | Time it took until 50cm³ of gas was produce^ *these are most likely anomalies in the results. For this to happen we may have accidentally used a different molar, different size marble chips or incorrectly read the burrette. EQUIPMENT USED

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