Addictive Personality Essay

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Maria Carrillo Mrs. Jenson, Period 4 2012 October 16 The Addictive Personality At some point in life, every person is going to have to face a stressful or rough situation and they will be the only person who will determine the results. Every person has a choice which is to confront the situation or ignore it. Weakness plays a big role in life and it is up to us to stay strong if we don’t want to fall. After a rough situation or after an event that impacts our life, many people don’t want to face reality and search for that need of fulfillment and nurture somewhere else. This can lead to a serious problem… addiction. Some people like to resolve their problems through alcohol, any other substance, or an object that makes you think this will make you feel better and fix your problems. Keep something in mind, it will fix your problems but just for a short period of time and then it will come back and haunt you for the rest of your life. There are many types of addictions and consequences that a person has to face. There are many types of addiction and objects and events that become addictive. For example, alcohol, food, gambling, shoplifting, sex, compulsive spending, and working. All of these events trigger the addicts’ brain and they experience mood changes. When addicts act out, it makes them feel like they are in control and it brings excitement into the action. They also act out to avoid there emotional feelings towards something and seek for fulfillment or distraction by doing this. Addictive personality is formed by the illness of addiction and represents a change resulting from the addictive process that takes place within the person. The addictive personality does not exist because of the illness of addiction but from the addictive process. This is the most important aspect of stage one, the creation of addictive personality. This

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