Addictive Behaviors Essay

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PSY 1001 Addictive behaviors; research The purpose of the research in the article was to examine college students on the moderating effects of coping and social-enhancement drinking motives within the person’s emotions of anxious and depressive affects and drinking frequency and quantity. The used two different methods for their research one was the participant observation they used people for their study. But, they also had their participant keep a journal/diary, of their drinking and the affects of their drinking and why they went out drinking for a social living or for an emotional reason. Results of the observation show that participants with low social-enhancement showed a stronger positive frequency of drinking. Little evidence was found for the predicted moderating effects of emotional reasons for drinking, although some results indicated that its effects were dependent on levels of social reasons for drinking. Their final findings show that social drinking may play a large role in stress and the negative affects related to drinking among college students. The results for emotional reasons for drinking If I were to grade this article I would grade it a B-, it had plenty of the information provided from their research but it was hard to follow. I think that they should have stuck to just one, reason for the drinking, as in just social, of emotional reasons. Also the title of the article talks about addictive behaviors and it doesn’t discuss anything about the addiction in the article. Referances Addictive behaviors; research from fairleigh dickinson university, department of psychology in the area of addictive behaviors published. (2011). Psychology & Psychiatry Journal, , 189. Retrieved from
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