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Addictions James C. Brinson Liberty University Author Note James C. Brinson, Department of Human Services, Liberty University. This research was supported in part by the Liberty University online library; I found statistics and readings from other online sources. Correspondence concerning this paper should be addressed to James C. Brinson, Department of Human Services, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA 24502. Email: Abstract Addiction is an ever-growing issue in this country, the rapid growing issues with our children is chilling and the fact that some parents do nothing to educate their children is heartbreaking. The peer pressure children have in school, on the streets and even in their own homes can have a lasting effect on into their adult lives. This is the reason I have chosen addictions as my research topic, it is very interesting how the brain effects how you handle whatever addiction you may have. It does not have to be an addiction to just drugs, or alcohol, there are addictions to eating and pornography as well which are the four addictions I have chosen to focus on. Obesity in America is an ever growing issue, as well as pornography which have become one of the easiest ways for minors to access adult material. Alcoholism and drugs are always an ever growing addiction that affects all, they do not discriminate. There are a large amount of human services that are available to help those who have fallen to addiction. I will talk about some of these organizations and the effects these addictions have on individuals and their families, friends, finances, their everyday living, and even death. Keywords: Drugs, Alcohol, Pornography, and Eating disorders When I think of the word “addiction” I use to think of alcohol and drugs. In today’s society it is so much more then that now, it is a plethora of things

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