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Addiction to Facebook Essay

  • Submitted by: Jenniabha
  • on September 8, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Below is an essay on "Addiction to Facebook" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Is it cocaine? Is it marijuana? Is it alcohol? Is it spending money? Is it chocolate? None of the above. Facebook is the largest social phenomenon that has swept over the internet world. And in some forms it turns into an addiction. This website allows you to connect with people you have or haven’t met around the world and chat with them freely, if you feel it be appropriate. Some of the  users spend an unreasonable amount of their time on Facebook, whiling  the hours away unnoticed, while chores to go unfinished, and even going to the extent of ignoring family and friends in the real world. Although a majority of the hundreds of millions of people use Facebook as a social networking device, it has several of negative impacts such as social isolation, communication problems, and health problems which profoundly impact the lives of the users.

Facebook—in my opinion—impairs speech. Words such as ‘you, your and you’re’ and ‘thanks’ are commonly spelled like ‘u, ur’ and ‘thx’. Are people really too lazy to spell out the whole word? There are many more negative effects of facebook. This legal addiction is taking the lives of most civilized people around the world. Sounds dramatic, right? But honestly, I am talking seriousness here.  
Facebook reduces the amount of time spent with significant people in one's life through frequent checking of profile updates and statuses. Facebook can result to relationship problems as it exposes one's social life, for instance pictures of ex boyfriends and girlfriends or flirting messages may cause tension in relationships. That is all part of exposing your life on a social networking website. The use of Facebook can also cause problems at work with frequent checking of status updates during work time. This may lead to misunderstandings between the management and staff. This is what has led to many organizations banning Facebook from working places.

Facebook as a new phenomenon is here to stay, however, , a lot of care needs to be...

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