Addiction or Disease Essay

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Is Addiction a Disease? Valerie Hills Breckenridge School of Nursing: ITT (Factors Leading to Addiction) Is Addiction a Disease? It has been debated for many years. Is addiction a disease? Psychologist Gene Heyman "rejects the standard premise that alcoholism and drug abuse result from brain diseases or moral failures." (Bower, 2014) However, in contrast, Psychologist Charles Winick considered addiction a disease, concluding that "findings suggested to him that addictions, like some infections, can be resisted successfully." (Bower, 2014) The diagram above shows that addiction is a disease because drugs can change the brain's chemistry (Brain Mechanisms) in such a way that abusers feel a "need" to continue. In a Toulmin analysis: Issue: Is Addiction a Disease? Claim: Addiction is a Disease. Support: Biology/Genetics or environment can lead to drug use that can change the brains mechanisms and lead to addiction. Warrant: It takes a lot more than a change in behavior to quit. Inferred Rebuttal: You can quit without formal treatments if you make your mind up to do it. This type of claim is a relational claim because it shows connections on how drugs can lead to addiction based on your background and how those drugs can change your brain chemistry. I used a logos mode of persuasion showing a logical explanation as to why I believe that addiction is a disease. I put it together this way because I didn't feel that a picture could convey exactly what I believe, that addiction is more that just a disease. It is a physical and psychological disorder that affects everyday life even after treatment. Addiction stays with you and you may always feel that "need" even after you have been "clean" for years. So, addiction is a disease, but it is important to note that this is a preventable disease. Preventing

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