Addiction Essay

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In this world, there was just about one thing that women folk in general prize above everything else. No, it was neither money nor brains. It was beauty. Without it, a woman would mean nothing in a man’s eyes, or so Debra thought. And being nothing was not what she wanted in the eyes of her husband, Cassius. Staring dismally at her reflection in the mirror, Debra winced and felt her self-esteem slip a notch further down. Her reflection staunchly pronounced her an unattractive woman who was well into middle-age. Her hair, once a gleaming crown of lush black curls, was now lank and lackluster, not to mention the sprouting of white strands here and there. Her eyes no longer radiated youth and spirit. Instead, they mirrored dullness and unhappiness. Accentuating their plainness were the wrinkles around them. To top off everything, she had in possession a figure that one would term ‘undesirable’. Her body was not as lithe and graceful as before. The curves and fullness had long gone out of her figure. Rather, she now carried traces of extra poundage at the waist. Debra’s meaty smile also frequently upset her; Cassius would often refer her small mouth and her uneasy smile to be a split image of a llama hydrating itself on a hot day. It was in the 1940s back then and there was no surgeon who could perform cosmetic construction. The only way to embrace your flaws was to accept them. Why do I have to look like this? Why… Why… Why…? I would give anything to look beautiful again, Debra thought bitterly over and over again, as drops of tears started to slide down her cheeks. In retrospect, her deteriorating appearance would not have bothered her so much if it had not affected Cassius so much. Yes, it was all because of Cassius. Age had taken away her husband as well as her looks. In the early days of their marriage, Cassius had been both a caring husband and an ardent

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