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Addiction has becomes such a serious problem that it is now considered a chronic condition. Addiction is such a complex subject therefore the treatment of addictions is very tough. Addiction is defined by the Webster Dictionary as . There are few major components that are responsible for addction. Number one is genetics, then the alteration in brain chemistry, thirdly there are triggers or risk factors. “ Drug addiction is a complex disorder that can involve virtually every aspect of an individual’s functioning: in the family , at work and school, and in the community”(National institute on Drug Abuse, 2009) The key to receiving treatment is being able to provide option for those that are suffering from addctions. Prior to 1947 there was no place where an addicted person could receive the help they needed. With the opening of Hazelden that has all changed. Hazelden provided addicts with the treatment they needed to get back on their feet. They were no longer disowned by their familes or sent to mental hospitals. Hazelden provided them with another option. The option to get help and show the world that recovery is possible, that the phrase “ Once and addict always an addict does not apply any more. Now in 2009 there are all different forms of treatment available. The major categories include detoxification and medically managed withdrawal, long term residential treatment, short term residential treatment, outpatient treatment programs, as well as pharmacotherapies. The detoxicfixcation and medically managed withdrawal category is usually the first treatment in the recovery process . When the body detoxifies itself it is getting rid of the harmful substance in the body. The side effects according to “ look up on online” can be deadly. If the addicts goes to the hospital for detoxification they receive medications in which it then becomes known as

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