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The book “About Prison” by Michael Santos explains different aspects about prisoner and warden. Some inmates are willing to change and educate themselves so they do not reoffend. Mr. Santos was one of those inmates that made these positive changes. He was a well raised child from a hard working family and he decided to pursue his life in a different way than his family expected. Santos knew that getting involved into cocaine distribution was a highly risky endeavor, but he still pursued the “easy” money. There are probably many inmates in the correctional systems able to turn their lives in a positive direction, but because of the limited resources available, their hopes of accomplishing this goal become impossible. Some of the wardens in the system are willing to help those who are making an effort to accomplish their goals and some seem to treat the inmates as if they cannot be helped. As Dr. Ackerman always says, “if you treat inmates like human beings they will act like human beings”. Santos explains the difference between UPS Atlanta and FCI McKean and how each institutions staff members treat the inmates. Some staff members in prisons are there to help those inmates no matter what crime(s) the individual has committed. As for some, their job is just to keep and maintain order meanwhile not having anything to do with helping in the rehabilitation process of those inmates. Santos explains how one of the wardens, in the FCI McKean institution Warden Luther, was there to help those inmates. Warden Luther made it known that this correctional institution and its employees would treat the inmates with “dignity” and the inmates were expected to “act responsibly” (Santos, p. 149). The book describes how the warden posted signs declaring, “Luther’s Belief about the Treatment of Inmates”, which gives rules to staff on how to treat the inmates in a dignified fashion.

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