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Addicted to Facebook Essay

  • Submitted by: rosangela30
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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When Facebook started getting popular my freshman year, I didn’t get an account because I didn’t want to get obsessed like I had been with MySpace. In sixth grade, I would waste an entire day on MySpace, spending an hour deciding which song to make my profile song and constantly checking to see if I was still on my friends’ top 8s. I never felt like I was missing anything big not being on Facebook, just small things, like when everyone would be laughing at photos they saw online or some kind of funny status.
Then one day in April we were supposed to wear pink to back teachers who might get laid off. I was one of the few people not wearing pink, and when I said I didn’t have a Facebook and that was why I didn’t know, everyone looked at me like I was some weirdo stuck in the past. So I got a Facebook page.

That summer, I started going on Facebook every day. I would post a status of song lyrics that I liked or something witty, then happily respond to any comments I got. I would browse through other people’s photos, watch videos and read statuses. When I saw photos of people hanging out, I felt like I was there. But sometimes I’d wonder why I wasn’t invited. One Saturday afternoon, it seemed like everyone had a great time at a get-together the night before. There were pictures of them at a restaurant, the park and more. Other people seemed to be having a lot more fun than I was. I thought why am I not more social? I also had fewer Facebook friends than other people. I had around 150 friends, while most people had more than 300. It made me feel unpopular. But I couldn’t stop going on, even though it made me feel bad, because it was addictive.
When the school year started, I checked my Facebook constantly after I got home. I’d do my homework for 30 minutes and then go on Facebook for an hour, wondering if there was anything new to look at. I was going to bed around 2 every night. My grades went from As to Bs, and I even had a C in math and a D in Japanese. My...

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